Remembering Dennis Cosgrove


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Remembering our friend and colleague, Dennis Cosgrove, 1955-2013.Dennis Cosgrove 1998DennisCosgroveTeaching_C371A5


Ag Tech Contest Revisited…


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The 53rd Annual Ag Technology Contest was held last Saturday, April 6th! CAFES welcomed more than 1,000 high school and middle school students from 69 schools across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Students competed in 16 team events, a crop show, and power tool drag race.

In honor of this event, enjoy these photos from the 1979 Ag Tech Contest, depicting high school and middle school students with faculty members Phil George, Charlie Jones, Jerry Nolte, and Bob Tomesh. Also take a look at photos from the 2013 Ag Tech Contest.

1979George at AgTech_110F3   1979Jones at AgTech_110C3   1979Nolte at AgTech_110D4   1979Tomesh at AgTech_110C1

Small town atmosphere…


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The campus is just the right size. Not too big, not too small. I immediately felt at home with CAFES and UWRF.

– Chad Glaze 1997

UWRF has a small town atmosphere, yet is close enough to the Twin Cities to be involved in big city life.

– Ann Prescott (Schmitz) 1999

River Falls and its homey, college town atmosphere has come a long way since this photo was taken of Main Street in 1870! This was before UWRF even existed (the college was founded in 1874)! What are those numbers? Click for the list of building names that correspond to the numbers in the photo.
(photo accredited to the Area Research Center & University Archives Main Street USA Downtown River Falls Online Exhibit)

P.S. Proud to be a UWRF grad.


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When I started college (1952), I owned the family bull and had no cash. My parents didn’t have any way to help either. The Dean of Men helped me get by the first year. He found me many jobs… replacing windows, working with the city surveyor, washing cars, washing dishes, etc. My main job was working at Jenson Dairy and then had classes til 10am to noon. Yes, my freshman year wasn’t easy and I was thankful to get C’s and B’s.

Lavern Mayer
Class of 1956

P.S. Proud to be a UWRF grad.

Aerial of campus 1955 - barns in back far right
Aerial view of campus in 1955. The Ag Science building would be located on the site of the barns in the upper right.

Exceptional faculty


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Andy CarlsonUW-River Falls is small enough to care about the individual, but big enough to attract good teachers like Goerke and Mahanna — they were passionate about what they taught and knew how to have fun doing it.


Principles of Nutrition is the course that changed by career path and led me to work at Land O’Lakes Purina Animal Nutrition, and Advanced Dairy Management is the course that led me back to the farm.

– Jenni Skiba (Drinkall) 2003

Prepared for the future


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My UWRF education prepared me well for the career I am currently in today. My core business and agronomy classes provided me with a solid foundation in my field. However, CAFES prepared me for more than just my current job. They laid the ground work for my entire professional career. While I was a student in CAFES, I was exposed to many facets of agriculture, opportunities, and people who shared the same desire for agriculture as I did. It was through these experiences that I gained an awareness of what it meant to be an agriculture graduate, and of the endless opportunities open to me now and in the future.

– Ashley Gausman (Sollman) 2009

Chad GlazeThe classroom work was very helpful, but the “hands-on” experiences students receive from outdoor labs and intern programs really helps to prepare you for your future field of choice.

– Chad Glaze 1997