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George Frye, Class of 1950Prior to attending Wis. State College, River Falls, I had taken courses at Wis. State College, Oshkosh, and the University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada; I am also a WWII veteran.

My first teaching contract upon graduation was a trainer for veterans enrolled in the ‘On the Farm Training Program’ under Public Law 347, at Mauston High School, Mauston, WI, and serving the enrollees in Juneau County. My salary was $4,000 per year.

On the first day, I met A. J. Karasch, a fellow River Falls alumnus, class of 1941. He was also a Farm Training Instructor. There was no room for us at the high school, so the County Board made it possible for us to have an office in the Courthouse, which was directly across the street from the high school. At the courthouse, we had close association with the U.W. Extension Soil Conservation Center, District Forester, Farmers Home Administration, the County dairy herd milk tester, and a judge who provided free help to the veterans with their farm leases, which were required by the program. And Mauston High School had a vo-ag instructor. What a group for a beginning teacher to work with! The program at Mauston also had an advisory board with farmers on board.

The majority of students in my class did not have a high school education and some were on disability (Public Law 16). One veteran student was a 3+ year “Prisoner of War” of the Japanese. Over 25 enrolled.

-Submitted by George D. Frye, Class of 1950, Agriculture Education & Science Major