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  • The “third” lab farm is Mel’s! 🙂

  • Your list of the world’s most influential people includes names like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Goerke.

  • Your proud to where your Moo-U shirt! 🙂
  • Everytime someone in your family gets married you have to listen to AGR boys sing something that sounds a lot like “Alfalfa Hay…”

  • It is widely known that when Steve Kelm sneezes, followers gather for religious beliefs.
  • You remember…
    …which professor traded for a new motorcycle when the factory-installed tires wore out.
    …what was theorized to happen every time a brick fell off of MacMillan Hall.
    …exactly why anyone would ever wear a “Mr. Bubble” T-shirt on campus.
    …relocating “art” to the Kinnic.
    …AGR’s beer/brat welcome parties in the amphitheatre.

(These answers were submitted by CAFES Alumni and Friends on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/uwrf.cafes.alumni)