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Larry Schneider (Class of 1964) corresponded with the Dean’s Office about the lab drawer discovered in 2010 with student names carved in it from as far back as the 1930s. He also shared a story about the last time he corresponded with the Dean’s Office…

It was back in 1963 and I was really surprised since I was never on the “Dean’s list,” actually never even approached it. I received a note while I was in class, and it said to contact the Dean’s office as soon as possible. After class I immediately went home to the college apartments to use the communal phone. We had one pay phone for 21 apartments located in a hall closet. Superman would have liked this phone booth, no windows and a door you could close for privacy. I called the Dean’s office with all kinds of possibilities going through my mind. Perhaps it was a sticky campus problem the Dean wanted my advice on, or maybe the correct spelling of my name for an award I was to receive.

Anyway, the secretary asked if I was the one who owned a hay wagon piled high with old boards located behind the college apartments. I said indeed I was. I then went on to explain that I recently attended a farm auction and had purchased a brooder house for five dollars. The opening bid was five dollars and I obviously was the only one who recognized the true value of this great buy. I disassembled the building and put it on the hay wagon I had built in Gary Bohn’s welding class. I then hauled it home so that my brother and I could convert it to an ice fishing shack. We wanted to take advantage of the lakes north of River Falls. The secretary wasn’t really interested in my explanation or my good buy. She explained that this coming weekend was “parents’ visitation weekend” and I was to move my wagon as soon as possible and definitely by the weekend. Obviously it was considered an eyesore.

P.S. We were told that the college apartments where I lived with my wife for three years, was originally a two-story chicken coop. After WWII it was converted to 21 small apartments for returning veterans who wanted to take advantage of the G.I. Bill. I figured if the College could convert a chicken coop to an apartment building, I could convert a brooder house to an ice shack!