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Having been the advisor for Theta Chi in the spring of 1983 one of the guys, Bob Tetzner, came to me and said he needed a job for the summer. I got him a job on the lab farm. He was an Art major and really had no interest in the farms other than he needed a job in the River Falls area. Rudy Erickson was the farm manager and I had done a few things for the farms, so he felt obligated to hire Bob for the summer. Anyway, one day when I went out to the farm to visit Bob, as I was talking with some other people, Bob picked a piece of wild hemp (yes, of the Cannabis species, same as marijuana) and tied it to the antenna of my truck. I did not see it there until my truck had been parked in the faculty lot for the rest of the day.

That same summer Gary Rohde, the Dean of the College, asked if I knew of a student the college could hire to paint the big wall in the new student lounge. I recommended Bob and the college hired him to do the mural on the wall.

– Submitted by Jerry Nechville (Class of 1971, AG Engineering Faculty 1979-2011)