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River Falls was a huge step for me. I went to a one room school house for grades 1-8 where my grandma was the teacher. Then it was off to Sparta High School and later, River Falls for college. I had a tremendous group of professors for Agricultural Education. Dr. Matteson was a great influence on me throughout my time as an undergraduate and graduate student. I ended up with a B.S. in Ag Ed and a Masters in Teaching (plus 20 more credits).

I taught Ag Ed for 39 years: 5 years at Plum City, 9  years at Marshfield Sr. High School, and 25 years at C.V.T.C. in Eau Claire. I am forever grateful for my college education at River Falls.

Today however, I want to write about a part of my social side at River Falls. I met a group of young men whom all resided on first floor of May Hall. We came from all over the place with only one thing in common – we were all freshmen at R.F. College. We all hit it off and all graduated, but not in four years. Our friendship has continued after college to this day, when each year we meet back at River Falls during Homecoming. For most of us, it has been 44 years since graduation.

While in River Falls, this group of guys was always together. We played on the same touch football team and we were all on the same softball team, which was very successful. We studied together and enjoyed a few barley pops every now and then.

We all went our different directions after college. Our only common thread was freshman year – May Hall first floor. It remains a tremendous friendship and we are so thankful for our gathering at good ‘ole River Falls. Yes, we will plan to be at homecoming 2012 and by the way, I hope we will not be playing Whitewater!

– Submitted by Gary Evans (Class of 1967)