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My favorite memory is from the “crops” course I was taking with Professor Mel Wall.

Planting the Seeds...

Article in the national magazine, Seedsmen's Digest

We had to find 60 different weed seeds, shuck the seeds, and place them in a seed plaque with individual holes in order to get a passing grade! I must have spent 8-10 hours every week for six weeks to find that many different weed plants with seeds. I finally achieved this goal and was very proud of it.

Little did I realize that some day this would become very important, as later in my life I was promoted to a Division head of Agronomy Dept. Fortune 500 Company – Midland Cooperatives, Inc., where I established a “Field Agronomist” program hiring many UWRF students and graduates. I later became the executive vice president of this Fortune 500 Company.

I am extremely grateful to all my professors: Art Johnson, Dr. May, Thompson, Thoreson, Wall, etc. I had a two credit course from Prof. Wall on “Ag Newswriting.” that was and is still so helpful.

Stanley Lehman - River Falls Basketball Team

Stanley Lehman - River Falls Basketball Team

Being active in Toastmaster Club, Rodeo Club and Ag Club helped me grow. And I worked at Larson’s Super Valu ($.65/hour) while working myself through college. I just wanted to express my gratitude for what UWRF has done for me.

– Submitted by Stanley Lehman (Class of 1955)