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I can’t imagine picking out only one favorite memory from my short stay in college! My husband and I  drove through the River Falls campus earlier this summer, checking out all the changes and I just had to take a picture of Hathorn Hall. THAT’s one of my favorite memories, and specifically the Passion Pits! I’m sure others our age will remember those small areas in the entrances to the dorm (residence hall now?), where we “said” goodnight to our dates for the evening! Men weren’t allowed in our dorm rooms except for Christmas and maybe Homecoming.  Otherwise the housemother had final say in everything, including late hours! It was so much fun living in the dorm with all the other girls – a new experience for a girl fresh out of high school.

Then, I ask Bruce, my husband of 46 years, what his favorite memory might be, and he brought up the Rodeo Club. We were charter members of that group and he totally remembers his first, and only, ride on a brahma bull in the rodeo. He says no amount of practice riding on calves prepared him for the moment he saw the bull he was to ride!

Both of us fondly remember living in the college trailer court while Bruce finished up his studies. On our trip there, we couldn’t even remember where it had been located.  All of us living in the court were poor college students – one of us working while the other finished up – or one watching a baby and the other going to school and working. But we didn’t know we were poor, and had such visions of the future! It would be fun to find out where our neighbors are now.

I can think of lots more memories, especially classes with Dr. Dollahon, and Bruce’s classes with Dr. Bohn. Bohn was a good friend for many years after college, too.
Thanks for reviving the memories!

– Submitted by Bruce and Kathy(Berg) Thiemke