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Since my high school could not provide me with enough agricultural based learning just being a student at River Falls allowed me to dive in and learn deeply about the agricultural community I was raised on and with. It allowed me to continue to participate in club-based programs like Falcon 4-H, Block and Bridle, Country Dancing at PR’s Place. My best memories were with some pretty cool professors like Dean Henderson (my advisor), Duane Wacholz, Anthony Jilek, Phil George, just to begin a long list as there were so many more. To be able to plant, castrate a pig, grow food cultures in a petri dish, chat up a storm with classmates who understood what no-till mean’s, angles on silos, and how to make a brat. I’m proud to celebrate 100 years with the CAFES knowing a little of me is part of its history.

– Submitted by Jen (Class of 1990)